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Who's "My Type"? Guide

"Who's MY type?" That's the BIG question! Actually, sometimes it goes more like, "Is anyone really my type?" Whichever version comes up for you, your Who's "My Type"? guide will provide you with powerful answers!

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, you'll know exactly which one of the 108 distinctly different Personality Resonance™ styles you are and how the nuances and core beliefs of that specific style show up in your life.

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, you'll also know exactly which one of the 108 distinctly different Personality Resonance™ styles is Perfectly Compatible with you. You'll learn all about the sort of person who transmits the exact energy frequency you need to receive, and receives the exact energy frequency you transmit.

And that's just the beginning of what you'll discover in this fourth step in your journey of discovery with our Uniquely You Services. Your Who's "My Type"? guide is a 50 page, handsomely bound report that's individually prepared just for you. In addition to answering the BIG question, you'll also find out where you're most likely to find the people who are Perfectly Compatible with you. You'll have all sorts of Clues and Tips to help you know how to recognize them and how to attract their attention. That's the front end of the equation – finding them.

Then you'll explore the back end – what to expect in relationship with your Perfectly Compatible partner and how to make it truly the Relationship of your Dreams. Thanks to Relationship Resonance™, you'll see how the dynamics of your matched resonant energy systems will work together – when you're "in love", when you're stressed, and as your relationship matures.

Don't assume that Perfect Compatibility means smo-o-o-oth sailing throughout your relationship! It doesn't. In fact, you'll have a different sort of challenge altogether, just because you are perfect together. However, IF YOU'RE AWARE, the incredible bond of energy you share will allow you to overcome the ups and downs in your relationship and thrive, both as unique individuals and as an intimate, loving couple. These profound insights are the next huge step in your journey with Interpersonal Dynamics.

But whoa! Wait a minute! What if you're in a relationship? What if you're married? Perfectly compatible or not, you already have a "special someone".

If that's you, you have a choice at this point. Some couples skip their Who's "My Type"? guides and instead, they each order a Compatibility Analysis that's specific for the two of them. Other couples go ahead and order their Who's "My Type"? guides first. There are several good reasons for doing so, not the least of which is pure and simple curiosity!

Who's "My Type"? is the guide that brings together everything you'll learn about yourself in your Profile and about how you relate to others in your In Relationship guide. You must complete both before receiving your Who's "My Type"? guide. In fact, this guide really wouldn't make any sense to you without those first steps. But once you've come this far, your Who's "My Type"? guide will LAUNCH you into the world of universal energy, Perfect Compatibility, and the Relationship of your Dreams!

Here's what people are saying about their Who's "My Type"?guide

"UNREAL! Not only do I understand what you mean by perfectly matched energy, I was married to it for years and years. And then, just like you said, the vicious cycles got us. Of course, we didn't have a clue what was going on at the time. We've been divorced for a few years now, but even so, we've stayed best of friends, like soul mates really. We've both been in and out of relationships since the divorce, but nothing has ever quite compared. Anyway, to make a long story short, guess what? We're back together again. Only this time, we have our eyes wide open and we know who we are. Unbelievable! I don't know how you do it, but your system is absolutely right on target!"

"I've been dating for quite awhile and I was getting discouraged. Everyone was nice and all that, but I was looking for something really special. I just didn't know what it was. Now I not only know what it is, I even know how and where to find it. Dating will never be the same."

"I'm not sure yet, but I just met someone and we hit it off right away. I felt like I'd known him forever. He's just like you said he'd be.Your system is unbelievable! I never would have guessed. Thanks!"

"My friends were always trying to get me to go to dances with them. I hated those. Now I pick the events that are more appropriate for who I'm looking for and more comfortable for me, too. This is great!"

"I can't thank you enough! Your services have literally changed my life!"

"I believe your Uniquely You Services are the long lost observer or link to my success in discovering a truly resonant relationship."

"Your work is one of a kind and universal! Keep up the great work!

Highlights of discovery in your Who's "My Type"? guide

Personality Resonance™ subsets: In your Profile, you'll discover that you have one of nine basic Personality Resonance™ styles. All the people who have your particular basic style share the same Essence. In other words, who you are at that deep essence level is truly the same. In terms of energy, you all need toreceive exactly the same energy frequency. That's the first half of your unique resonant energy system.

As you'll learn, you also transmit a specific energy frequency. It correlates to who you believe you are, i.e., your Ego. When we add in this second half of everyone's unique energy system, there are 108 distinctly different combinations. We call these "subsets". Your subset accounts for the very subtle variations in your personality versus that of another who shares your same basic style.

For example, let's suppose that you and everyone else who shares your basic Personality Resonance™ are all chocolate ice cream. You'd all be recognizable as chocolate, you'd all be sorted as chocolate in the grocery store, etc. However, some of you might have a streak of caramel in your ingredient mix, others might have some cherries thrown in, and maybe you include an almond crunch. You're all chocolate ice cream, but you're distinctly different in subtle – but recognizable – ways. Those flavor variations are like your Personality Resonance™ "subset". To find those who are Perfectly Compatible with you, you need to know that you're looking for, like maybe strawberry (basic) marshmallow swirl (subset).

Your receiving energy frequency; your transmitting energy frequency: You'll find out exactly which one of the 108 Personality Resonance™ subsets you are, right down to the exact note in the exact octave you'd receive on a musical scale, and the exact note in the exact octave you'd transmit.

Understanding your subset: Your specific receiving energy frequency influenced how you perceived your environment beginning as a very young child, even including your prenatal months. As a result, you unconsciously made up a set of core beliefs about who you are in the world, i.e., your Ego. These core beliefs determine your transmitting energy. All those within your specific subset of Personality Resonance™ share the same transmitting energy.

Most people, no matter how attuned they are, live their entire lives totally unaware of their core beliefs. However, these beliefs tend to play out in three major areas of your present day life: 1) your beliefs about your own physical and emotional survival; 2) your beliefs about yourself in interaction with groups of other people, be it your family, your social groups, your work groups, etc.; and 3) your beliefs about yourself in one-to-one, intimate relationships. In your Who's "My Type"? guide, you'll discover how your own core beliefs show up in these three areas of your day to day life.

In addition, AND THIS IS KEY, your transmitting frequency actually shifts temporarily when you're stressed and when you're "in love". These shifts continue to bring out the best in some people. Others have difficulty during one or both shifts. You'll discover what these very predictable shifts will look like and feel like for you.

There are several reasons this information is VITAL to you. For one thing, it's extremely important to know that these shifts are temporary. For instance, how you are when you're "in love" won't last forever. If you have difficulty with being "in love" – and 47% of the population does – knowing it won't go on for long is good news. But if you'd really like the "honeymoon" to last forever, it won't. And the fact that it won't doesn't have anything to do with an actual honeymoon or loss of romance or settling down, etc. It's a natural and predictable energy shift. Your "in love" energy frequency simply cannot be sustained.

NOT being aware of these shifts can cause another major dilemma. What if Bob falls "head over heels in love" with Susan and pursues her. Susan then begins to fall "in love" with Bob, except that's she's falling "in love" with a temporarily different version of who Bob really is. When Susan shifts to her "in love" mode, she becomes slightly – or a lot – different than the woman Bob fell "in love" with in the first place, and he starts to shift back to his "home base" energy frequency...which didn't particularly excite Susan. Can you see how couples can get messed up in this if they're not aware? Think about it.

Your compatible partner's receiving and transmitting energy frequency: Here's where you find the answer to that elusive question, "Who's My Type?" You'll find out the basic Personality Resonance™ style and subset of those with whom you're Perfectly Compatible. It's back to the musical scale. You'll see that they transmit the note you need to receive and receive the note you transmit. Bingo!

Overview: You and your truly compatible type: You don't go running around with a frequency detector tucked under your arm – or do you? Nature is a wonderful thing when we humans get our preconceived notions out of the way. But for most of us, there's a lot of static in the energy field. So, here's where you'll begin to get full descriptions of these people who are Perfectly Compatible with you – 35 pages to be exact!

You'll start by getting acquainted with their basic Personality Resonance™ style, their Essence. A series of three charts will allow you to make a side by side comparison of your basic style with theirs. Then – and you can't really appreciate this until you've actually experienced your own Profile and In Relationship guide – then, you'll get all the same information and depth about your Perfectly Compatible partner as you got about yourself! When we say you'll get lots of "Clues and Tips" about who these people are and where you'll find them, we're not just kidding! In fact, unless your Perfectly Compatible partner has used our services, you'll know lots more about them than they do!

Rather than repeat everything here, if you want specifics on the kinds of information you'll receive about these people, we'd suggest that you read through the pages about your Profile and In Relationship guide on our Web site. The highlights are identical.

Understanding your compatible subset: Once you've become familiar with the basic Personality Resonance™ style of people who are Perfectly Compatible with you, you'll delve into the nuances and core beliefs that make them the perfect Personality Resonance™ subset for you. Remember, it's their subset that determines their transmitting frequency, and it's their transmitting frequency that you need to receive. These fine line subset distinctions are critical. You'll discover how they'll show up when they're operating at their "home base" resonant energy and also how they'll change under stress and "in love".

These distinctions will also give you more "Clues and Tips" on where to find them, how to recognize them, and how to attract them. For example, perhaps you'll learn that your Perfectly Compatible subset is extremely ambitious in group interaction. Even if theirbasic style isn't particularly outgoing, your compatible subset is likely to be gaining recognition and status in his or her business, civic, or social activities. Contrast that to a person with the same basic Personality Resonance™ who is very self-conscious or shy in group situations. Chances are good you won't find these two in the same place. Or if you do, they'll show up in very different ways.

How to attract them: Your matched energies create a powerful natural attraction between you and your compatible subset. But remember, it's your transmitting energy that the person you're looking for needs to receive. It's important to seek out these people in situations or environments in which you're NOT stressed,i.e., when your transmitting frequency hasn't shifted. For instance, if you found someone perfectly compatible with you at a singles dance, but you were feeling caved in and really uncomfortable, you wouldn't be transmitting the energy they need and they wouldn't resonate with you. In this section, you'll get some suggestions on where to look for your compatible type based on your preferences as well as their subset energy.

You'll also get some "do's" and "don't's" for impressing your compatible subset. For example, image might not be important to you, but even compatible energy won't overcome sloppy grooming for some Personality Resonance™ styles. Or maybe you're very empathetic, to the point of being able to finish other people's sentences for them. With some types, you'd best bite your tongue and let them express their own thoughts. Or maybe you're very strong and independent, but your compatible partner needs to see some way that he or she can protect and support you. So be real. Let your vulnerable side show, at least a little. Or here's an ironic one. Maybe you're naturally rather reserved, but someone convinced you that you should be more assertive. You might impress everyone at a party with the "new" you...everyone, that is, except for the one who's perfectly compatible with the "real" you.

. . . consider . . . How many different makes and models of automobiles are out on the roads today? More than 108? How many can you identify right this moment? Probably more than you think, even if cars aren't your "thing". Now think about this. What happens when you buy a new (or new-to-you) car? Do you start noticing every single car on the road that's like yours...and seeing lots of them? Most people do. It's called "selective focus". When you have something specific in mind, you just start to see it everywhere.

The same thing goes for your Perfectly Compatible subset. Once you're clear about what you're looking for, it starts to show up in your world – and sometimes in the most surprising places!


In our Research into the Ancient Mysteries, Interpersonal Dynamics made a powerful discovery about the secrets of the energy that drives relationships. Now we share this dramatic information with you. Please use it wisely!
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