July 4th, 2002

Dear Internet Surfer,

Welcome! I'm glad you're here, so I can share my personal story with you!

There has been a tremendous breakthrough in understanding relationships and true compatibility. It will directly benefit you because it's the secret to the relationship of your dreams. You might feel like this sounds "too good to be true" at first, but it's already being used by people just like you. It is true. It's working for others and it will work for you.

There are many secrets in the Universe, but there are no accidents. Now that you've located this site, you're on your way. I welcome you on an exciting journey of personal discovery.

As you'll see, we're making fantastic claims about the benefits and value of our Uniquely You Service. This is the breakthrough I'm so excited about. So, let me tell you a little about the background and development of these services.

My education, career and experience are steeped in science and high-tech. I have patents in over 200 countries on devices to quantized and reconstruct images from electronic resonant energy systems. I'm now pursuing my dream of understanding how human beings are also transmitters and receivers of real energy, and how our energy resonates with that of others.

I've been particularly intrigued with measuring the energy of different personality styles and how it impacts our relationship with others. About nine years ago, I began researching the enneagram, an ancient nine-point star that dates back to Pythagoras (540 b.c.). He used it as his spiritual signature, but it's said that the origins date back another 10,000 years to a civilization which was more advanced than ours today. Pythagoras learned about the enneagram in the Egyptian Temple of the Goddess Isis. You can see the enneagram in our company logo.

During the past thirteen years, I've had the greatest breakthroughs of my life. I now understand how the enneagram symbol can be used to map resonance energy systems. And, how it can be used to explain all our relationship experiences. The enneagram symbol is the code of the combination of the Law of the Three (male energy) and the Law of the Octave (female energy). I've developed a new three-dimensional model of the enneagram which shows the dynamics of personal growth.

This new model explains exactly how your real energy changes when you fall "in-love" and again when you're stressed. It also describes how your energy interacts with the energy of others. All of these insights form the core of Personality Resonance™ and Relationship Resonance™. Our Uniquely You Service will show you exactly how your own powerful source of natural energy creates every one of your relationships. Relationships are just the music of this energy — good ones are exactly like harmony in music.

I can now share the secrets of why you experience a natural compatibility with some people, and alert you to the issues, obstacles and booby-traps that will come up in any relationship you'll ever have. Relationship Resonance™ can actually predict who will (or won't) be your lifemate.

Our Uniquely You Service starts with a Questionnaire. This is how we measure your real energy. I'm inviting you to take advantage of it. It really works! Once your energy is identified, you'll be able to access this breakthrough system and take control of all your relationships — family, co-workers, friends, social groups, your beloved. Once you receive yourProfile, you'll be amazed at what it will mean to the most important relationship you'll ever have, the one with yourself.

You can achieve mastery in every relationship. Just follow the step by step process that's outlined on the order form. It's easy and you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Please take your time and browse every page on this site. Place a bookmark so you can share it with your friends. Our site is new, so please let me know if you get a clear sense of what you can expect from our unique services. E-mail me your comments and suggestions. Believe me, it's been very difficult learning how to best explain something that's so new and radically different.

Here's what we've found out from people like you:

You'll never see relationships the same way again. All your relationships will improve immediately. Everyone in your life will notice something refreshed about you. If you're single: You'll have more dates than ever, and you'll be dating the right people. You'll be able to screen the personals and spot the right people to contact. You'll be able to read letters and know whom to pursue. You'll know within a minute of conversation if someone is "M Right" or just another "Frog". You'll know who's the right type for you when you first notice them, even all the way across a room. You'll know how to attract them, how to keep them, how to grow with them and how to create the relationship of your dreams. You'll save time and money, because the person you've been looking for is looking for you, too! You'll want to share this news with your friends.

Whatever you've thought about relationships in the past, it's now true that the mystery of why you are compatible with one person, and not compatible with another, is solved!

Here's How: It's really your unique combination of two exact energies that creates all relationship possibilities for you. Personality Resonance™ is the combination of these two energy frequencies, one that you emit and one that you absorb. I'm sure you've felt it. I believe this is what has often been called an "aura" because it can be seen by some. Personality Resonance™ energy is real energy. I now know how to measure it. Now you can use this breakthrough system to have the ultimate experience, a relationship with another human being who's perfectly compatible with you.

I wish it were simpler. However, there are 108 combinations of transmit/receive energies that make up all the stable personalities. You have one, and you're truly compatible with only one. Less than ½% of all potential relationship partners have the unique combination of transmitting and receiving energy that you're truly looking for. That's why knowing about Relationship Resonance™ really helps. Relationship Resonance™ is the interaction of your energy with that of others. One of the 108 is perfectly compatible with you. Now you can use a map to find your perfect mate.

Because no one has ever been able to promise you this before, you may be having a hard time believing it all. If you're not sure, then all I'm asking you to do is order a Personality Resonance™ Questionnaire and Profile. You can order on-line in total confidence because our server is secure. I know our system works. When you receive your Profile, you'll know it too! That's why I can give you a 100% Money Back Guarantee. I hope this will encourage you to take whatever personal risk you feel and order.

The next step on your journey is up to you.


Carl Elkins, Ph.D.
President and CEO

PS Every item we offer is a very personal product, created just for you. When we receive your Questionnaire, your Profile will be individually prepared, specifically for you; even so, it's 100% guaranteed in writing!

"It is the commonest of mistakes to consider that the limit of our power of perception is also the limit of all there is to perceive" - C. W. Leadbeater