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Every item we offer is individually prepared specifically for you!

Secret Code of
Free with every Internet Order. Discover the New Science of Relationships. Find out how our Personality Resonance™ and Relationship Resonance™ systems work. Read about it in this 200 page book! Secret Code of Compatibility will answer all your questions. WAS $14.95

Uniquely You
Personality Resonance™
Just mark the 72 statements as either Most or Least like you. It's easy and quick. Every response is independently analyzed to identify your Personality Resonance™. Your journey begins as notice how Unique your answers are! WAS $15.00
NOW $ 9.95

Uniquely You
Personality Resonance™
Your own Unique, 28 page Personality Resonance™ Profile. It will remind you of some wonderful things about yourself you've forgotten, and point to other things you'd probably rather forget. Wake-Up those special gifts you bring to every relationship!
Prerequisite: Questionnaire.
WAS $69.00
NOW $29.95

Uniquely You
Relationship Resonance™
In Relationship:
A 45 page comprehensive guide that details your Unique relationship style and gives insights into how others perceive you. It also introduces the other major Personality Resonance™ styles and outlines the potential and pitfalls you'll find in relationship with each. Recognize and understand every relationship you have had and ever will have!
Prerequisite: Questionnaire & Profile.
WAS $129
NOW $49.95

Uniquely You
Relationship Resonance™
Who's "My Type"?:
A 50 page guide that identifies specifically which of the 108 Personality Resonance™ styles is Uniquely You, and which one is Perfectly Compatible with you. It tells you how to identify these people, where to find them, how to attract them, etc. You'll be surprised! You may be searching for the wrong person for you!
Prerequisite: Questionnaire, Profile & In Relationship.
WAS $139
NOW $69.95

Uniquely You
Relationship Resonance™
Compatibility Analysis:
A 60 page guide to identifying specific relationship issues between you and another individual. It will preview the obstacles and opportunities you'll face as your relationship matures. Avoid the hidden booby traps in any relationship! Make it terrific!
Prerequisite: Questionnaire, Profile & In Relationship for both you and your partner.
WAS $149
NOW $79.95

Uniquely You
Interpersonal Dynamics is growing. We would like to introduce you to other singles whose Personality Resonance™ is truly compatible with yours. You will receive an invitation to participate in our Resonance-Match Research™ when you receive your Who's "My Type"? guide. FREE
see note*

*Resonance-Match Research™ is avaliable only to those who have purchased their
Uniquely You Profile, In Relationship guide, and Who's "My Type"? guide.
You will be required to fill out a brief survey.

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