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"There are many secrets in the Universe,
but there are no accidents."

Our research for Interpersonal Dynamics and our Uniquely You Service began eleven years ago. We didn't know it at the time, of course, at least not consciously. Such is the synchronicity of the Universe.

We've had a lifelong fascination with people and the complex dynamics of relationship. Eleven years ago, we were working to bring a powerful personal growth training program to our area. An aware friend suggested that, when we were ready for our "what's next" in life, we might want to learn about something called the "enneagram".

Just the word "enneagram" somehow resonated with us. Once the training program was under way, we knew we were ready to move forward and that this "enneagram", whatever it was, would be our new path.

We soon learned, however, that the enneagram was an oral tradition taught only to a few select initiates. At the time our friend told us about it, the first book on the topic was still unpublished and in rough manuscript form.

The release of that first book broke the Oath of Secrecy that had been imposed for thousands of years on all who studied this fascinating system. Lawsuits followed immediately in an attempt to suppress this book. We were intrigued, to say the least! Our journey of discovery had begun. Unbeknownst to us, it would take us far beyond the enneagram as it's commonly known today, back into the ancient mysteries of its origin and the carefully guarded secrets of its power. The breakthroughs in understanding that we bring to you through Interpersonal Dynamics include dimensions and dynamics that have been lost for centuries – until now.

History of the Enneagram

Although the enneagram is known today as a system of personality, an enneagram (or enneagon) is actually an ancient nine-point star. You can see it in our Interpersonal Dynamics logo. Pythagoras, 540 b.c., used this symbol as his spiritual signature. According to his writings, he learned of the enneagram in the Egyptian Temple of the Goddess Isis located in what was called Heliopolis. However, he was taught that the origins of the enneagram dated back another 10,000 years – from his time – to a civilization which was more advanced than ours today. You probably learned the Pythagorean Theorem in geometry. Pythagoras is the founder of the Pythagorean school of science and mathematics and was an acknowledged master in the field. However, he was ridiculed for hundreds of years after his death for his belief in the connection between the enneagram numbers and personality.

More recently, the noted Russian philosopher Gurdjieff is reported to have traveled to what we now call the Middle East in search of the Secret Sarmouni Brotherhood, the reputed keepers of the ancient mysteries of the enneagram. In the early 1900's, intellectuals and notables from around the world flocked to New York and Paris to study with Gurdjieff. He offered his students personal discovery and awakening through intricate patterns of rhythm, dance, and movement, all of which were based on the enneagram. Gurdjieff, however, never revealed the enneagram as his inspiration or source.

In our own time, Oscar Ichazo, a contempary philosopher born in Bolivia, also traveled to Egypt and the Middle East and reportedly studied the ancient mysteries. Ichazo returned to his native land and used the enneagram of personality in the oral tradition of the ancients. In 1970, he taught his "enneagram system" to a few initiates in Arica, Chile. Nothing was written, and all students were required to sign an Oath of Secrecy. It was through the lineage of Ichazo's students that knowledge of the enneagram reached the United States in the late 1970's. The most notable of his students was Claudio Naranjo, MD, a psychologist who subsequently taught Palmer, Riso, Condon, Molina, Rhor, et. al., – still requiring an Oath of Secrecy.

When this Oath of Secrecy was broken in 1988, the floodgates of investigation, intrigue, and publication burst open as various authors, all students of Naranjo, shared their interpretation of the enneagram of personality.

The mystery of the origin of the enneagram, however, continued. In one of the lawsuits, Ichazo claimed that the "enneagon of personality" was entirely his invention and that it had come to him in a dream state in 1954. Palmer, however, credited the enneagram to the ancient Sufi tradition. Since the Sufi taught many esoteric doctrines, not just their own, others have suggested that the original enneagram system came from Chaldean or Magi origins. This would date the system back at least 6,000 years.

Interpersonal Dynamics credits Oscar Ichazo, who still honors the oral tradition and Oath of Secrecy, as the "Father of the Modern Enneagram of Personality". However, our research into the ancient origins of the enneagram symbol has unveiled significant new dimensions to the enneagram system as it's being taught by his lineage of students, and core discrepancies in the enneagram literature available today.

We know that the enneagram has been passed down through the ages by word of mouth only. It's certainly not inconceivable that misconceptions and inconsistencies might have evolved through the telling. For instance, Naranjo claims he "lost his notes" from his studies with Ichazo in Arica, Chile. It's also possible that key points might have been purposely convoluted to protect their secrets and power. In either event, through our research and study, much that was lost, or hidden, has been restored.

Our Contribution

Interpersonal Dynamics coined the terms Personality Resonance™ and Relationship Resonance™ to identify the unique body of materials we've recovered from the ancients and clarified for our time. While our system is based on the "Modern Enneagram of Personality", it's definitively more advanced than any enneagram system being taught anywhere in the world today.

In the early years of our research, we read extensively and studied with the recognized master teachers in North America today, all former students of Naranjo. Much of the "Modern Enneagram of Personality" was undeniably true and incredibly insightful, yet discrepancies and inconsistencies began to emerge. The question arose, "How could parts of this theory be so powerful and precise, and others be somehow out of sync?" This question spurred further inquiry into the roots of what we thought was the enneagram "system of personality."

Our quest led us to the BREAKTHROUGH realization that the enneagram symbol is much more than a system of personality. As Plato said, it's like "a shadow on the wall of the cave!" The enneagram symbol is, in fact, the shadow diagram of theUniversal System of Energy.

With that awakening, we shifted our focus to the enneagram symbol itself. We developed the first three-dimensional model of the enneagram. The properties of this model allowed us to unravel secrets of this energy system that had been hidden for centuries upon centuries, though there is evidence that they were well understood thousands of years ago in Egypt. The ancient pyramids, for instance, are built to the exact specifications of the three-dimensional enneagram model.

We then developed another three-dimensional model which dynamically illustrates, explains, and clarifies definitive patterns of movement within the whole of the enneagram energy system. Again, more of the fog began to lift.

As with any scientific inquiry, a research project can take on a life of its own, leading or enticing it's investigative team through winding paths and rocky climbs of adventure, discovery, and intrigue. Such has been the last few years at Interpersonal Dynamics. Sometimes tediously, sometimes with what almost felt like a guiding hand, and sometimes with what was no less than a bit of trepidation, we slowly pulled together the pieces of the puzzle of the Universal System of Energy which the enneagram represents. We tapped into quantum mathematics, physics, and harmonic theory to reconstruct missing pieces, to clarify the links, and to validate our findings at every step of the way.

Our book shelves are sagging, our computer data bases are overflowing, and the walls of our offices have disappeared beneath massive graphs and charts and numbers and codes that are reminiscent of Egyptian hieroglyphs. Out of all that, here's what we know. We know the enneagram symbol maps the Universal System of Energy. We know the enneagram is the code of the combination of the Law of the Three (male energy) and the Law of the Octave (female energy), neither of which have to do with physical sex, by the way. And we know the precise path of the movement of this energy, the impact of juxtaposing modes, the interplay of opposing energy fields, and the system of regeneration and growth.

We then began our search for the undeniable link between the enneagram symbol and personality. What we discovered is that each of us has a unique energy system comprised of one energy frequency that we transmit and another that we absorb. These energy frequencies are very real and very measurable. They present themselves in the behavioral world as variations of what's commonly called "personality". In other words, each specific energy system of transmitting and receiving frequencies correlates exactly to a specific human personality. Thus, we call this individual energy system we found Personality Resonance™.

Using the physical properties of the Universal System of Energy, we discovered the existence, properties, and means of formation of 108 distinctly different Personality Resonance™ energy systems. They fall into nine "basic styles" that are determined by the specific receiving energy frequencies. These nine styles correlate to the nine points of the enneagram. When the transmitting energy frequencies are added into the equation, we can identify the 108 styles. We call these finer delineations of both energy and personality "subsets" of the nine basic styles. Personality Resonance™ is the only system developed to date that can recognize and identify these distinct personality subsets. This is a major BREAKTHROUGH in understanding both the order and the complexity of human personality.

Another BREAKTHROUGH springing from the code of the enneagram is the ability to predict and explain the precise energy changes people experience during periods of stress, when they're "in love", and as they "get in touch" or evolve toward their energy "Source". These changes occur in people as predictable shifts in their transmitting energies and show up in their reality as specific, predictable changes in thinking, feeling, and behavior.

The MOST IMPORTANT BREAKTHROUGH of all came with the discovery of the precise and predictable dynamics created through the interaction of two individual energy systems. We can do this at both the pure energy level, and as the dynamics present themselves in the realm of personal relationship. Thus, we call this breakthrough Relationship Resonance™. In effect, we've done the equivalent of unraveling the DNA code of relationship!

What's more, using the system of Relationship Resonance™, we can determine Perfect Compatibility at the most basic level of personal energy. Perfect Compatibility occurs when one partner transmits the exact frequency the other partner must receive, and vice versa. This correlates directly with perfect compatibility at the personality level.

Validating Our System

As we mentioned, our initial "fascination" as we began this journey of discovery was with personality and relationship. Our minds are open and enquiring. We're intrigued with mysteries, secrets, and the esoteric world of the spiritual. However, our educational and professional backgrounds are steeped in science and high technology. We're disciplined and knowledgeable in the scientific process and the rigors of validation.

At the level of pure energy, validation came through the disciplines of physics, quantum mathematics, and harmonic theory, and through the precision of highly sophisticated measurement technology.

Validating our findings with regard to the fine nuances and distinctions of personality was a different story indeed. It falls into three basic categories.

Over our eleven years of inquiry into the enneagram, we've witnessed and/or conducted hundreds upon hundreds of interviews and panel discussions with people of every different Personality Resonance™ style. They represent a broad spectrum of ages, races, religions, and nationalities. All of these interviews and panel discussions are preserved on tape.

As we progressed in our studies, we established the Enneagram Center for Spiritual Growth in the Twin City area of Minnesota. Through this non-profit organization, we taught many, many interactive courses in the enneagram of personality. Close student observation and feedback provided clarity and validation of our system, specifically regarding the areas in which our evolving Personality Resonance™ system suggested contradictions to current enneagram theory. We also coached and counseled individual students who were pursuing clarity and direction through their study of the enneagram. This one-to-one format allowed even more focused observation, sharing, and feedback.

We also used Gurdjieff's more direct, sometimes even harsh, methods to validate our theories of movement within the enneagram system. Gurdjieff called it "stepping on peoples' favorite corns". In more current terminology, we purposely "pushed people's buttons" in order to observe their intuitive stress responses.

And, of course, when "people in the act of being themselves" are the focus of your research, all your world becomes a lab, of sorts.

Although we can measure the actual energy frequencies generated and absorbed by people, that's not practical on a widespread basis at this time. Thus, our next big challenge was to develop a means to measure or identify Personality Resonance™ in a way that was unobtrusive, convenient, inexpensive... and ACCURATE. To accomplish that, we developed first, our Personality Resonance™ Questionnaire to identify basic Personality Resonance™ style, and then our Relationship Survey which identifies Personality Resonance™ subset issues. After many revisions of both, we now have two instruments that have been well tested and validated through personal typing interviews. A complex scoring matrix weights what the respondents check off as well as what they don't check. Variations are built in to catch stress response shifts and fine line distinctions between similar essence styles.

At this time, we continue our efforts to develop a practical, but reliable means of measuring actual energy frequencies through voice pattern analysis. This would eliminate any remaining bias due to the respondent's level of personal awareness on either the high or low side. One day, very soon, the first step of our Uniquely You Service will be to simply call on the phone, rather than respond to a Questionnaire.

The Next Step is Yours

As you can see, what began as a study of personality and relationship became a dance with the pure energy and pulse of the Universe as we were literally drawn through the shrouds and veils of ancient mysteries and secrets. After eleven years of journey, we've arrived here, on the Web, with our Uniquely You Service. While we'd be the first to acknowledge that there is still much to learn, to the best of our knowledge, the information and insights we bring you through Interpersonal Dynamics are based in an intricate and powerful body of knowledge that is unparalleled anywhere in the world today.

We invite you to "Test Drive" our System by taking the Free Quiz right here on the net. Click the Free Button at the botton of this page! You'll be amazed! ... Really!

What was once purely an oral tradition passed from "Wise One" to "Initiate" is now dispersed into cyberspace for the edification of all who choose to inquire. We have our own, self imposed "Oath of Secrecy". It's called "proprietary information" in today's lingo.

But our charge to you, our friends and customers, is to TELL THE WORLD! SHARE THE NEWS! You CAN have the Relationship of your Dreams! When enough people have responded, we'll even make the introductions!

Through our journey back in time, we offer you information, insight, and guidance to help ensure that your future with yourself and in relationship with others works for you, for the planet, for our children, and for our children's children! The time is now. It is no accident that you find yourself here!


In our Research into the Ancient Mysteries, Interpersonal Dynamics made a powerful discovery about the secrets of the energy that drives relationships. Now we share this dramatic information with you. Please use it wisely!
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