Personality Resonance™

Your responses in your Personality Resonance™ Questionnaire allow us to identify your Personality Resonance™. The Questionnaire has been designed and validated to highly correlate with the real energy which creates your Personality Resonance™.

Completing your Questionnaire is the required first step
for all Uniquely You Services.

NOTICE: The Personality Resonance™ Questionnaire is more comprehensive
than our FREE On-line Mini Quiz!

There are 108 distinctly different Personality Resonance™ styles, so the Questionnaire is designed to pick up very subtle nuances of your personality. Your thoughtful responses are extremely important.

The Questionnaire is actually quite simple and quick to complete. It includes 72 statements grouped in sets of four. Within each set, you mark the statement that is "Most" like you and the one "Least" like you. It also contains three pages of multiple choice questions.

Just as an example, consider which one of the following statements is Most like you and which one is Least like you. Even if none of them are very much like you at all, still carefully select the one Most and the one Least like you. If any part of a statement is not true for you, consider the whole statement not true for you. Ready?

___1. I love to go to movies in theaters with big screens and the smell of popcorn.
___2. I enjoy watching videos or movies on cable in the comfort of my home.
___3. I prefer to watch foreign films in the smaller, neighborhood theaters.
___4. I love getting caught up in my favorite weekly television series.

The following are some sample statements from the actual Questionnaire you'll receive. They've been randomly taken out of several different sets of four.

I'm content when just left alone to investigate projects I find interesting.

It feels good when people need me, so I spend much of my time helping others.

I'm usually skeptical of other people when I first meet them.

I know what's right and wish everyone "worked at it" as hard as I do.

I really like to just "Hang Out" with others, because it's so easy to feel peaceful and calm and to relax together.

I'm driven by success and love the recognition and acknowledgment it brings.

I often feel drawn to the emotional drama and meaning of life's crises.

I am very strong-willed and don't hesitate to use my power to get results.

I almost always look on the positive side of life and can see the silver lining in every cloud.

. . . consider . . . As you can see, the Questionnaire does NOT ask you to share any of the intimate details of your life. It's short and simple, though it does require you to carefully consider your responses. The statements you mark, as well as those you don't mark, allow us to very accurately identify the subtleties of your Personality Resonance™.


In our Research into the Ancient Mysteries, Interpersonal Dynamics made a powerful discovery about the secrets of the energy that drives relationships. Now we share this dramatic information with you. Please use it wisely!
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