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A step toward Control:

Take Charge of Your Love Life

Do you find it incredible how many people excel in their career, handle tremendous responsibility, make decisions every minute of the day, motivate co-workers and clients, etc., but fumble when it comes to finding their life mate? Or blow it royally in their intimate relationship? Now you can make sure that doesn't happen to you, at least not again. You can see the playing field, eliminate the obstacles, and have the Relationship of your Dreams.

With our Uniquely You Service, you can get at the TRUE meaning of what's going on in your personal life. These services are based on breakthrough information that you won't find anywhere else. You can trust us to tell you what you NEED TO KNOW to take charge of your relationships and gain a huge edge in your entire life.

The sign on the boss' desk says "The buck stops here". In relationship, you're the boss. It's YOUR Personality Resonance™ that generates every relationship you'll ever have. It's just smart to know what you're working with – the good news and the challenges.

For instance, certain Personality Resonance™ styles are strong and powerful. They're honest themselves and confront others in search of truth. They also have a soft side and are generous and protective. BUT...others can perceive them as blunt and intimidating – or even rude in their childlike honesty! It's imperative to know how you're coming across to others!

Whichever one of the 108 Personality Resonance™ styles you are, there's one other style that's Perfectly Compatible with you. You'll find out what type that is in your Who's "My Type"? guide, plus you'll get tons of Clues and Tips on how to find these people. No more "dates from hell". No more kissing "frogs". You can stay in charge and on course as you cut through all the games and avoid unwelcome surprises.

You'll also be alerted to the issues that WILL emerge in your relationship. That means you can be PROACTIVE. You can identify the booby traps before you get blindsided. You might pride yourself on your gut instincts, but hear this. What you intuitively do to enhance your relationship will backfire on you. That's a fact. DON'T WAIT UNTIL IT'S TOO LATE!

Taking charge of your life doesn't mean usurping control. It means being informed and taking effective action. When you discover how to make Relationship Resonance™ work for you, the things that might otherwise tear your relationship apart can become your strong suits as a couple. The buck stops with you!

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. . . consider . . . You call the shots with Interpersonal Dynamics.If you're single, you'll want to order your Who's "My Type"? guide. If you're in a relationship or married, you may want to skip that and order a Compatibility Analysis for you and your partner instead. Just choose what you want.

logoIn our Research into the Ancient Mysteries, Interpersonal Dynamics made a powerful discovery about the secrets of the energy that drives relationships. Now we share this dramatic information with you. Please use it wisely!

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