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A Step Toward Adventure:

Discover Ancient Mysteries of Love

Relationships are supposed to be fun and alive and exciting, aren't they? Being "in love" is extraordinary! So why do people get so-o-o serious about finding someone and sharing their lives? It shouldn't be "work". How boring. Why can't relationship be an adventure!? A natural "high"!? The best of the best with no bounds?!

With Interpersonal Dynamics, your path toward the Relationship of your Dreams will be one of the most exciting journeys of your life! Through our Uniquely You Service, you'll explore ancient mysteries, tap into universal energy, and discover how the pieces of the relationship puzzle fit together. You'll see new possibilities, new options, and new avenues of discovery! We're thrilled to share our BREAKTHROUGH with you!

What started out as Research quickly became an adventure that took us back through time, way back! One of our more recent stops was with Pythagoras (540 b.c.). His writings led us further back to Ancient Egypt and the Temple of the Goddess Isis. From there, we picked up clues that reportedly date back another 10,000 years to a culture which was thought to be more advanced than ours today! Using modern science and technology, we were able to re-construct and validate a system known to be SO POWERFUL that its secrets were closely guarded by the ancient Mystics and Secret Brotherhoods. Now we bring this System of Energy, which we call Relationship Resonance™, to you to explore and use in the 1990's.

For instance, when you're aware of your own Personality Resonance™ and how you naturally relate to others, new options open up. You can discover exactly which type of person will be Perfectly Compatible with you and learn where to find them and how to attract them. When you're with these people, your natural energies will click – actually, more like zing! That means more intriguing people in your life, more exciting dates, and certainly more FUN!

Relating to others feels like "work" when you're operating in the blind – which is exactly what people do. No matter how perceptive you think you are, if you use only intuition, you'll eventually create a disaster. You may well have a few of those in your history. For example, certain Personality Resonance™ styles have quite a reputation as "dance away lovers." They deal with unpleasantness by moving quickly, rationalizing problems, and charming their way into an alternative future.

With our services, relationship becomes a grand adventure with never a dull moment. You'll clearly see what's up, so you can constructively "play" with all your options. Actually, the things you naturally think, do, and feel can get pretty funny when you know the joke. Getting along is fun when you and your partner understand what's going on and can see the humor of the dynamics in motion.

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logoIn our Research into the Ancient Mysteries, Interpersonal Dynamics made a powerful discovery about the secrets of the energy that drives relationships. Now we share this dramatic information with you. Please use it wisely!

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