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A step toward Romance:

Celebrate Your Uniqueness

Who's the one person that plays a role in every relationship you'll ever have? Who's the one person you'll be in relationship with for your entire life? Think about it. The answer is powerful and illuminating.

Our Uniquely You Service begins with YOU. Understanding yourself is the first step on your journey toward having the Relationship of your Dreams!

Being unique is a mixed bag. It's great to feel special, unlike any other person that ever walked the planet. But it can also be scary – and lonely – to feel that no one truly understands you. So here's good news and bad news, depending on your perception.

No matter how unique you feel you are, when it comes to the essence of who you are, the cosmic energy that you actually transmit and absorb in and from the universe, you're one of just 108 distinctly different Personality Resonance™ styles.

Impossible, you say? Here's the deal. If you were among others who had your exact Personality Resonance™, you'd know it. Oh, sure, you'd all look a little different. Some of you might be rich and others poor; some brilliant and others not so sharp. You might be artists or counselors or neurosurgeons, etc. But the essence that you'd each be expressing would be the same. In other words, you'd each be unique, but not alone.

You'd all have the same compelling desires, the same intuitive gifts, the same tendency toward depression or anger or fear. You'd see your world through the same filters. While the "sets" for your lives might be different, the plots and characters would be unbelievably similar. You'd all be driven by the same basic needs.

In your Profile, you get to discover and celebrate your uniqueness. Some of the information will validate what you already know about yourself, even if you can't express it to others. And some will be like a lightning bolt, a revelation, an opening in the clouds. Hallelujah! You ARE special! You're NOT weird! There's absolutely nothing wrong with who you are.

In your In Relationship guide, you'll discover how your Personality Resonance™ energy generates every relationship you'll ever have. More revelations! For example, if you do what you intuitively do to enhance your relationship, you'll unknowingly step into the booby trap of all relationships. In fact, all your good intentions may well drive your partner away.

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. . . consider . . . Maybe you think this stuff is fine for other people. After all, everyone thinks they're unique. But you're REALLY unique, like off any chart. Lots of our clients thought that before they got their Profile. Boy, were they surprised! So... what if this really could work for you? It's all guaranteed. So what's to lose? And think what you could gain!

logoIn our Research into the Ancient Mysteries, Interpersonal Dynamics made a powerful discovery about the secrets of the energy that drives relationships. Now we share this dramatic information with you. Please use it wisely!

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