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Isn't all of life about relationship? Our families, our jobs, politics, international diplomacy... Life would be so simple if people could just get along!

Here's the irony. Most people do try to get along and support each other. They don't mean to offend others or push them away. They don't intend to mess up their relationships. So then, how is it that loving couples can end up angry, confused, frustrated . . .and apart?

As you'll discover through our Uniquely You Service, each of the 108 distinctly different Personality Resonance™ styles needs "something", just as surely as they need air to breathe. For example, some MUST feel needed and appreciated. If they don't, they'll feel like they're literally suffocating. They WILL do what's necessary to regain their source of air.

That might sound silly, but there's something like that which is REQUIRED by everyone. Very few people consciously know what it is for them, but it pulls their strings like an invisible puppeteer. They do the same things over and over again in their lives, and don't know why.

With our Uniquely You Service, you can finally meet – and befriend – your puppeteer. You can also know what sustains those closest to you. You can truly support them in having what they need, rather than generously, but ineffectively, sharing your air.

In your In Relationship guide, you'll also clearly see the booby traps inherent in your natural style of relating. They're activated by what we call Relationship Resonance™, which is the dynamics or "play" between your energy and that of your partner. As you'll discover, if you do what you intuitively do to enhance your relationship, you can actually make it worse, not better. That's what can destroy even the most loving couples.

Here's a quick example. Say your natural style is to be in service to your partner out of your desire to please. However, the core fear of your partner's Personality Resonance™ style is of being found inadequate. As you do more and more for them, they'll start interpreting your "help" as meaning that they're inadequate. To regain their sense of self, they'll naturally back away from you to recharge. You'll see their retreat as lack of appreciation, so you'll "help" even more... This is just the beginning of the downhill spiral that can undo your relationship. And you can't really "communicate" about it because it's all unconscious!

However, if you're both aware, you can give each other "air", consciously interrupt your intuitive styles of relating, correct your misinterpretations, and actually laugh about your differences. In the process, you'll grow personally and spiritually as you deepen your love.

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. . . consider . . . What you don't know CAN hurt you. And what you think you know that's NOT SO is even more devastating. Truly supporting those you love and generously sharing with them is about understanding and providing what they need to receive.

logoIn our Research into the Ancient Mysteries, Interpersonal Dynamics made a powerful discovery about the secrets of the energy that drives relationships. Now we share this dramatic information with you. Please use it wisely!

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