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Personality Resonance™

Three Basic Concepts

Our Uniquely You Service is based on a very powerful, Universal System of Energy that we re-discovered in our Research into the dynamics of relationship. It's not at all necessary for you to understand the intricate scientific properties of this energy system in order to use our services. However, you do need to be familiar with the following three basic concepts:

• Personality Resonance™ •
• Relationship Resonance™ •
• Perfect Compatibility •

Because these three concepts are so interrelated, all three are defined and explained on this Web page. If this is your first stop on this page, we'd suggest that you begin with Personality Resonance™ which is the foundation for the other two concepts.

Personality Resonance™

Each of us has an energy about us. We all intuitively know it's there, even though we can't see it. One significant part of our breakthrough in understanding relationships was in discovering how to measure this personal energy.

What we found is that each person transmits a very specific energy frequency to others and, at the same time, receives or absorbs a different energy frequency from others. We call this specific combination of transmitting and receiving energy Personality Resonance™. Just like radio and TV transmissions, these energies are very real and scientifically measurable.

In the realm of pure energy, Personality Resonance™ energies correlate exactly to the frequencies of musical harmonics. For example, on a musical scale, your particular Personality Resonance™ might transmit the note "A" in the second octave above "middle C" and receive the note "G", also in the second octave above "middle C". It's that precise!

Your Personality Resonance™ correlates just as precisely to what is commonly referred to as your "personality". In other words, your specific transmitting and receiving energy system directly affects your perception of everyone and everything. In effect, it determines who you are and how you see reality. It always has, and it always will. It's also the force that generates every relationship you ever have. It's that powerful!

You have one and only one of 108 distinctly different
Personality Resonance™ energy systems.

Personality Resonance™, however, is not a "box" system of personality but rather a map of movement and growth. Personality Resonance™ actually predicts the dynamic shifts in your personality when you're under stress, when you're "in love", and as you "get in touch" with your core Essence. On an energy level, what actually shifts is your transmitting frequency. That movement, in turn, activates various core beliefs that alter your view of reality, thus creating predictable changes in your thoughts, feelings, and behavior. It's important to note that these shifts are temporary. You will ultimately return to your "home base" Personality Resonance™. Through our Uniquely You Service, you can now find out which Personality Resonance™ is "Uniquely Yours" and, more importantly, what that means to you. In your Profile, you'll discover amazing insights about yourself, not only in terms of your relationships, but with regard to your whole life!

Relationship Resonance™

(Note: If you have not reviewed the concept of Personality Resonance™, please do so before proceeding with Relationship Resonance™.)

Relationship Resonance™ refers to the dynamics that are created when your Personality Resonance™ interacts with the Personality Resonance™ of another human being. These dynamics of energy operate within every relationship – with your mate, your parents, your siblings, your children, your friends, your co-workers, the cashier at the grocery store... with everyone in your life.

While you can't actually "see" your energies at play, through our Uniquely You Service, you CAN see the very predictable results of their interaction. For example, you'll discover how your interpretation of reality, as determined by your Personality Resonance™, can either support your partner's interpretation of reality... or collide with it. You'll learn to recognize and interrupt the vicious downhill cycles of misunderstanding that get started in the best of relationships. You'll see how both you and your partner will shift energy frequencies when you're "in love" and then shift back again as your relationship matures. And you'll discover how you and your partner will show up to each other when your energy frequencies shift under stress.

On the pure energy level, relationships are "wired" to prod you to personal and spiritual growth. You just have to know how to plug them in and what to do about "short-circuits".

Beginning in your In Relationship guide and continuing through your Who's "My Type"? guide and your Compatibility Analysis, you'll discover how you can actually predict the opportunities, the challenges, and the booby traps you'll find in every relationship. With that awareness, you'll be able to make more effective choices as you create the Relationship of your Dreams.

Perfect Compatibility

(Note: If you have not reviewed the concepts of Personality Resonance™ and Relationship Resonance™, please do so before proceeding with Perfect Compatibility.)

People define "compatibility" in many different ways. At Interpersonal Dynamics, we don't deny the importance of any of the traditional factors in compatibility. However, in our Relationship Resonance™ System of Energy, Perfect Compatibility occurs in the realm of your personal energy frequencies. It's very objective, precise, and measurable.

Perfect Compatibility as we define it is when the energy frequency you transmit is exactly the frequency your partner receives, and the energy frequency your partner transmits is exactly the one you receive. In other words, it's when your Personality Resonance™ and that of your partner are perfectly matched.

For example, on a musical scale, if you transmit the note "A" and receive the note "G", your Perfectly Compatible partner would receive the "A" and transmit the note "G". As you can see, you transmit the "A" your partner needs to receive, and your partner transmits the "G" that you need to receive.

This Perfect Compatibility at the energy level creates an extremely powerful bond between two individuals. It's not dependent on age, race, sex, sexual preference, intelligence, education, or physical appearance. It cuts across ethnic, religious, political, socio-economic, and cultural backgrounds. Although our Uniquely You Service is focused on intimate relationship, you can experience this Perfectly Compatible energy with a child, an older person, a neighbor, etc. You can't "see" this energy, but, unless there's a tremendous amount of distraction, you can feel it.

In your Who's "My Type"? guide, you'll discover exactly which one of the 108 distinctly different Personality Resonance™ systems you have and exactly which one of the 108 is Perfectly Compatible with you. You'll learn to identify and find the special people whose energy will exactly sync with yours! Like tuning in a favorite radio station, it's not difficult, once you know how.

. . . consider . . . Don't we all intuitively know that this personal energy we speak of exists? Even our language is rich with allusions to it. We talk about being "on the same wave length" with others. We get "charged up" around some people and feel the "drain" or "energy suck" of others. A look or a touch can be "electric", falling in love is often compared to being "hit by lightning", and we all understand the concept of "clicking" with someone.


In our Research into the Ancient Mysteries, Interpersonal Dynamics made a powerful discovery about the secrets of the energy that drives relationships. Now we share this dramatic information with you. Please use it wisely!
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