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Resonance-Match Research™

When you receive your Who's "My Type"? guide, you'll also receive an invitation to participate in our Resonance-Match Research™. This program is truly a WIN-WIN opportunity for both you and Interpersonal Dynamics.

Here's how it works: In the process of working with people like you, we're identifying the exact Personality Resonance™ subsets of thousands of people. Although many of them are in a relationship, the majority are single and looking for a life partner. As we prepare Who's "My Type"? guides for these singles, we're determining the exact Personality Resonance™ subset of those with whom they're Perfectly Compatible. As you can imagine, our databases are growing rapidly. As they do so, we're beginning to find perfect matches. In other words, we might identify someone this week who has the exact Personality Resonance™ subset that someone else was looking for last week or last month.

If you choose to participate in our Resonance-Match Research™ program, as soon as we identify someone who is Perfectly Compatible with you, we'll contact both of you to determine if you'd like to meet. Please note. We are absolutely committed to maintaining your privacy. No information about you will be released to anyone without your specific permission.

Even if those you get to know don't meet all your other criteria for an intimate partner, you'll gain a first hand experience of the powerful bond Perfectly Compatible resonance energy creates between people. This will assist you in recognizing this energy in others. And...it's just possible that the person we introduce you to could turn out to be THE ONE for you!

When you're introduced to someone through our Resonance-Match Research™ program, we'll ask that you meet in person in a public place for at least an hour, over coffee perhaps. Not only will you be Perfectly Compatible, you'll both have mastered our Uniquely You Service. In other words, you'll both be very aware of your own personalities and you'll already know A LOT about each other.

Following that meeting, we'll ask each of you to complete a short survey regarding your impressions, observations, and even maybe revelations. This feedback is an important part of our ongoing research into the dynamics of relationship. Your responses to this survey will be held in strict confidence.

So, you have an opportunity to meet someone Perfectly Compatible with you at the energy level, you might even meet your "someone special" this way, and we get first hand feedback about the dynamics of the encounter. It's a WIN-WIN!

The number of Perfectly Compatible matches we find is totally dependent on the number of people using our Uniquely You Service and their specific Personality Resonance™. Tell all your friends about Interpersonal Dynamics! The greater the number of participants, the more opportunity there is for you and everyone else in the program.

Your participation in our Resonance-Match Research™ program is totally voluntary. It's also Free of charge.


In our Research into the Ancient Mysteries, Interpersonal Dynamics made a powerful discovery about the secrets of the energy that drives relationships. Now we share this dramatic information with you. Please use it wisely!
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