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Get ready to experience some of the biggest "ah ha's" of your life as you discover your natural style of relating to others. You'll become aware of your motivations and clarify your reality about how you are in relationship. PLUS, you'll see how you're perceived by others, i.e., their reality. You'll get the "good news", and you'll clearly see the challenges that WILL emerge for you as you relate to others. You'll discover that what you intuitively do in relationship can easily become your own biggest booby trap. This insight alone will change your life dramatically!

Your In Relationship guide is a handsomely bound, 45 page guide developed just for you based on your basic Personality Resonance™ style. It's the third critical step in your journey of discovery with our Uniquely You Service. Your first step is completing your Questionnaire. This allows us to identify your basic Personality Resonance™ style, the foundation for all of our services. Your Profile comes next. Through that, you'll gain incredible insight and understanding about your unique ways of being. And in your In Relationship guide, you'll move out into the realm of how you relate to others.

When you receive your Profile, you'll also get a simple Relationship Survey. In this Survey, we'll ask you to identify your primary memories and experiences of yourself as a child. You'll be given lots of statements from which to choose. You simply rate the top five for you in each of three categories. Your responses provide the nuances necessary for us to determine exactly which of the 108 distinctly different Personality Resonance™ styles you are.

Just as your Profile is your guide to an adventure with yourself, your In Relationship guide is your ticket to adventure in relationship with others. You'll meet nine fascinating people in your guide: Julie, Susan, Robyn, Nikki, Chanelle, Joan, Amanda, Sandy, and Jane. Or maybe you'll be introduced to Aaron, Derek, Michael, Allen, William, John, Richard, Larry, and James. These folks will bring to life each of the basic Personality Resonance™ styles.

As you learned in your Profile, your unique Personality Resonance™ style determines how you see everyone and everything in your life. Its based on the combination of the specific energy frequency you transmit and the energy frequency you receive or absorb.

While you're transmitting and receiving your unique energy frequencies, other people are doing the same. The dynamics between your energies and those of others are what we call Relationship Resonance™. You can think of it like music. When you play certain notes together, you get harmony. Others played together create discord. It's really as simple, and as predictable, as that!

In a lot of ways, your In Relationship guide will be like the old "This is Your Life" TV show. As you discover what to anticipate in relationship with each of the basic Personality Resonance™ styles, you'll also recognize every relationship you've had in the past – with your parents, your brothers and sisters, your former mates, your work associates, etc. It's a major eye-opener. Your own life becomes a powerful learning tool to validate and illustrate what you're learning about yourself in relationship to others.

Here's what people are saying about their In Relationship guide

"I've got to tell you, I read my In Relationship guide and cried. There it was, exactly what happened in my marriage! I finally understand what was really going on."

"Parties and groups are even more fun these days. I can actually see the relationship dynamics you told me about in action all around me!"

"I'd never really considered how I am in relationship, let alone how others might perceive me. I saw my relationships with my old boyfriends right away, and my mom, too! This stuff has already made a big difference for me, even at work!"

"'Other' relationships, too, not just intimate partners. That's what sets Interpersonal Dynamics apart from basic dating services. All the information provided through your Uniquely You Service is like 'keys'. You have given me a new set of keys to use to unlock the doors to any and all relationships I will ever have."

Highlights of discovery in your In Relationship guide

Your relationship with authority: Despite the sexual "equality" of the '90's, any relationship between people of any sex will see the emergence of the natural leader. It's important to understand your own relationship with authority.

Attractions: Until now, you've had no way of knowing your exact energy frequencies. However, you probably have noticed that you're naturally drawn to certain types of people or situations. When you become aware of who you naturally select as the focus of your special attention, you'll gain important insights and clues about who you are in relationship.

In pursuit: No, this isn't about what "line" you use to get a date! It's about your role in pursuing relationship with another. How do you naturally go about it? What's your intuitive strategy? And how is it perceived by others? Once you've found someone, what's the unconscious question you ask yourself as you evaluate the advisability of a relationship with them? Maybe you're like so many others who have a conscious checklist of qualities they're looking for? Well, this is your unconscious checklist.

When you are "in love": THIS IS CRITICAL INFORMATION! As you experience the natural euphoria of falling "in love", your natural resonant energy actually shifts. You're not quite the same person when you're "in love" as you are when you're not. What's even more important to realize is that this energy shift is temporary. It's not sustainable. In fact, it's relatively short-lived. Ultimately, you'll return to your "home base" resonant energy. This is the dynamic that leads people to say their partner "changed" after the honeymoon period. Sometimes they like the change. Sometimes they don't! With that shift in mind, you'll discover how you'll see your beloved when you're "in love", what you'll feel or experience yourself, and what action you'll take.

In intimate relationships: This section goes into depth about how you naturally relate to others. It's like finding several missing puzzle pieces that are critical to having your life work! For instance, you'll discover what it is that you need in your life just as sure as you need air to breathe – you MUST have it. You'll discover the "blind spot" of your Personality Resonance™ style – we all have one. You'll see how your natural strategies are misperceived by others and backfire on you. You'll see the role that stress plays. You'll see how the basic threads of your Personality Resonance™ weave together in response to the dynamics of relationship. And you'll be able to see the paradox of relationship – how what you want most, a secure relationship, precipitates your greatest fears and insecurities. It's like we're all literally "wired" to learn and grow in relationship with others.

How others perceive you: This is a chart format. On one side is a list of things you think or do or say and what you mean by them. On the other side is how those things may be perceived by others. BIG differences! Pay attention!

Introducing the other styles: The last 29 pages of your In Relationship guide are devoted to helping you get acquainted with each of the basic Personality Resonance™ styles. There are charts that allow you to see their similarities and their differences at a glance. You also get to meet them as people, not just as categories on a chart. You'll get a little thumbnail sketch, plus a visual image of a person who represents each style – Amanda, Robyn, and Sandy, etc., or Aaron, Michael, and Richard, etc., whichever the case may be.

Then, you'll get a whole "relationship resume" on each one of these people. For instance, there's Julie, who believes that being loved is what life is all about, and Derek, who has the intuitive gift of altering himself to match what is admired by those whose praise he seeks. Then there's Nikki who truly believes in magic, and Richard who takes pride in the fact that people know they can lean on him. And so on.

Once you get acquainted with these people, you get to put yourself in relationship with each of them. It's like having a trial relationship with nine different people, all from the safety of your own home. You can see what happens when your Personality Resonance™ style interacts with theirs. Depending on your life experiences, these are the pages that will literally come to life for you. You may recognize Julie as your former girlfriend, mother, sister, or co-worker. You may see Larry as your dad, former husband, son, or business associate.

Here's the universal message of your In Relationship guide. You have something major to learn about yourself from every relationship you've ever had or will have! That means there's opportunity for you in ANY relationship. You'll also face major challenges in ANY relationship you'll ever have. As you "preview" your relationship with each of our Personality Resonance™ "players", you'll clearly see what those opportunities and challenges will be.

We invite you to browse through our entire Web site. You'll find lots of examples of the value your In Relationship guide will bring to your life.

. . . consider . . . Remember when you first learned to drive? Pretty exciting! Pretty scary! What if no one had clued you in about stop signs and speed limits and right of ways, etc.? Eventually, you would have figured most of it out, just by observing others and maybe even having a wreck or two. But what if there were NINE different sets of "Rules for the Road" operating all at once and you didn't know it? You'd see some drivers stop at a certain sign and assume you should stop there, too. But then you'd see other drivers speed up at the same sign! You be massively confused, to say the least.

That's very much how it is for people as they journey into the world of Relationship! Now, at last, there's a "Relationship Instruction Manual" that makes sense of it all. Once you know the lay of the land and the "rules" of the road, you're free to safely go wherever you want!


In our Research into the Ancient Mysteries, Interpersonal Dynamics made a powerful discovery about the secrets of the energy that drives relationships. Now we share this dramatic information with you. Please use it wisely!
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