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Your Relationship Resonance™ Compatibility Analysis

Very little has more impact in your life than the quality of your intimate relationship! There are no guarantees in life, of course, but the information we'll share with you in your Compatibility Analysis will have a dramatic influence on your ability to learn and grow as an individual, to empower your partner to be all that they can be, and to sustain and enhance your relationship.!

The Relationship Resonance™ system on which our Uniquely You Service is based is scientific, objective, and precise. Our motive in providing these services to you, however, comes directly from the heart. We're here to assist you in making your relationship thrive... for yourself, your partner, your children, and your children's children. At Interpersonal Dynamics, we're about making a difference in the world, one relationship at a time! We're on your team! And we know first hand what an incredible difference our services can make for you and those you love the most.

You and your partner are in relationship together, but you're each very much an individual looking out at the world through your own set of filters. Certainly, you have much to learn about each other. But being in relationship also offers you an incredible opportunity to learn and grow personally with your mate as your mirror. Our Compatibility Analysis is designed to encourage both endeavors. For that reason, it's important that you and your partner each order your own Compatibility Analysis. Although you two are in one relationship, you see it, experience it, and interpret it from two entirely different world views.

Each Compatibility Analysis is a 60 page, handsomely bound report that's individually prepared just for you in relationship with your chosen partner. Your Compatibility Analysis is presented from the vantage point of your Personality Resonance™. Your partner's Compatibility Analysis is presented from their perspective.

As you'll discover through our Uniquely You Service, each of us both transmits and receives specific energy frequencies. For some couples, these frequencies are perfectly matched. This allows those couples to experience a sense of universal connection to their ultimate energy "Source". Their challenge in relationship, however, is to realize that neither of them is truly the "Source" for the other. Until they recognize this, they run the risk of depleting or draining the precious energies of each other.

Other couples find that they don't transmit the receiving frequencies required by their partner. These couples are less inclined to confuse their partner as their "Source". Their challenge in relationship is to tap into their own true "Source" while supporting their partner in doing the same.

In either case, Relationship Resonance™ predicts the issues, challenges, and opportunities that present themselves when specific Personality Resonance™ energy frequencies interact. It's extremely important to realize that there ARE very predictable issues, challenges, and opportunities in EVERY relationship! It's even more critical to know what they are!

At Interpersonal Dynamics, we firmly believe that "there are no accidents". You and your partner may be Perfectly Compatible at the level of Personality Resonance™ energy, or not. Whether you are or not, we're quite certain that you're together for a reason. That reason is yours to discover.

In your Compatibility Analysis, you'll discover exactly which one of the 108 distinctly different Personality Resonance™ styles you are and how the nuances and core beliefs of that specific style show up in your life.

You'll also find out exactly which one of the 108 distinctly different Personality Resonance™ styles your partner is and how the subtleties and core beliefs of their specific subset present themselves in day to day life.

You'll see how the dynamics of your resonant energy systems will work together – when you're "in love", when you're stressed, and as your relationship matures. You'll be alerted to the inherent booby traps in your relationship and how to avoid them. You'll become aware of the issues that are your "stuff" to deal with in life as distinguished from your partner's "stuff". This will assist you in resisting the natural temptation to dump your "stuff" on your partner...or to allow yourself to be "dumped" upon. Bottom line, you'll see how you can truly support one another and learn and grow together in love.

Your Compatibility Analysis brings together everything you'll learn about yourself and how you relate to others as described in your Profile and your In Relationship guide. The same is true for your partner. You must both complete these first steps before receiving your Compatibility Analyses. In fact, the analyses really wouldn't make any sense to you without that base of understanding. But once you've both come this far, your Compatibility Analyses will give you the information, insight, and grounding you need to SOAR together and have the Relationship of your Dreams!

Here's what people are saying about their Compatibility Analysis

"We just about died laughing at the little cartoon series in our Compatibility Analyses! Talk about hitting the nail right on the head. We've gone through those little routines you depicted so many times. What a gift to be able to laugh about them and see them for what they really are. Now, every time some of that stuff comes up, one or the other of us will raise an eyebrow and we both crack up. Thanks a million!"

"I didn't tell you this before, but I actually ordered all your services for myself and my EX-wife. I had originally ordered my own Profile and In Relationship guide. I was so impressed that I called my former wife and offered to order your services for her as well if she'd cooperate. She agreed, so I ordered Who's "My Type"? and the Compatibility Analysis for me, plus all the same things for her. I suppose that's a little odd, but here's why I did it. We're divorced, but we're still parents together and always will be. Plus, before I get committed to another relationship, I just wanted to better understand what happened in my marriage. Your Compatibility Analysis really did the job. Not only am I a whole lot wiser, I feel a sense of completion or healing now. I also know that our kids will benefit, and that's more important than anything to both of us."

Highlights of discovery in your Compatibility Analysis
Your Compatibility Analysis includes three major sections.

Introduction. This is where you focus in on the subtleties and nuances of your own Personality Resonance™ subset as opposed to your basic Personality Resonance style. This information is also highlighted on our Who's "My Type"? Web page. However, it's so critical to understanding compatibility that we've repeated it all below.

Part I – Focus on Your Partner includes all of the information you'll find in our Who's "My Type"? guide, except that it focuses on your actual partner. Basically, you'll discover all the same insights and information about your partner that you will have found up to this point about yourself. Rather than repeat all of the highlights here, we'd suggest that you browse through the Web page on our Who's "My Type"? guide.

Part II - Focus on the Dynamics of Compatibility is unique to your Compatibility Analysis. We've included the highlights of this special section below.

Highlights from the Introduction:

Personality Resonance™ subsets: In your Profile, you'll discover that you have one of nine basic Personality Resonance™ styles. All the people who have your particular basic style share the same Essence. In other words, who you are at that deep essence level is truly the same. In terms of energy, you all need to receive exactly the same energy frequency. That's the first half of your unique resonant energy system.

As you'll learn, you also transmit a specific energy frequency. It correlates to who you believe you are, i.e., your Ego. When we add in this second half of everyone's unique energy system, there are 108 distinctly different combinations. We call these "subsets". Your subset accounts for the very subtle variations in your personality versus that of another who shares your same basic style.

For example, let's suppose that you and everyone else who shares your basic Personality Resonance™ are all chocolate ice cream. You'd all be recognizable as chocolate, you'd all be sorted as chocolate in the grocery store, etc. However, some of you might have a streak of caramel in your ingredient mix, others might have some cherries thrown in, and maybe you include an almond crunch. You're all chocolate ice cream, but you're distinctly different in subtle – but recognizable – ways. Those flavor variations are like your Personality Resonance™ "subset". To truly understand your relationship with your partner, you need to know that he or she is maybe strawberry (basic) marshmallow swirl (subset).

Your receiving energy frequency; your transmitting energy frequency: You'll find out exactly which one of the 108 Personality Resonance™ subsets you are, right down to the exact note in the exact octave you'd receive on a musical scale, and the exact note in the exact octave you'd transmit.

Understanding your subset: Your specific receiving energy frequency influenced how you perceived your environment beginning as a very young child, even including your prenatal months. As a result, you unconsciously made up a set of core beliefs about who you are in the world, i.e., your Ego. These core beliefs determine your transmitting energy. All those within your specific subset of Personality Resonance™ share the same transmitting energy.

Most people, no matter how attuned they are, live their entire lives totally unaware of their core beliefs. However, these beliefs tend to play out in three major areas of your present day life: 1) your beliefs about your own physical and emotional survival; 2) your beliefs about yourself in interaction with groups of other people, be it your family, your social groups, your work groups, etc.; and 3) your beliefs about yourself in one-to-one, intimate relationships. In your Compatibility Analysis, you'll discover how your own core beliefs show up in these three areas of your day to day life.

In addition, AND THIS IS KEY, your transmitting frequency actually shifts temporarily when you're stressed and when you're "in love". These shifts continue to bring out the best in some people. Others have difficulty during one or both shifts. You'll discover what these very predictable shifts will look like and feel like for you.

There are several reasons this information is VITAL to you. For one thing, it's extremely important to know that these shifts are temporary. For instance, how you are when you're "in love" won't last forever. If you have difficulty with being "in love" – and 47% of the population does – knowing it won't go on for long is good news. But if you'd really like the "honeymoon" to last forever, it won't. And the fact that it won't doesn't have anything to do with an actual honeymoon or loss of romance or settling down, etc. It's a natural and predictable energy shift. Your "in love" energy frequency simply cannot be sustained.

NOT being aware of these shifts can cause another major dilemma. What if Bob falls "head over heels in love" with Susan and pursues her. Susan then begins to fall "in love" with Bob, except that's she's falling "in love" with a temporarily different version of who Bob really is. When Susan shifts to her "in love" mode, she becomes slightly – or a lot – different than the woman Bob fell "in love" with in the first place, and he starts to shift back to his "home base" energy frequency...which didn't particularly excite Susan. Can you see how couples can get messed up in this if they're not aware? Think about it.

Highlights from Part II – Focus on the Dynamics of Compatibility

This special section is designed to help you focus in on the similarities and differences between you and your partner, your issues, your "stuff", and the dynamics at play in your relationship. Each topic is about you and your partner.

Your energy in motion: Not only will you see your exact transmitting and receiving energy frequencies when you're at your "home base" Personality Resonance™, you'll see exactly how your transmitting energies shift when you're stressed and when you're "in love". For instance, you might transmit the note "G" 1 octave below "middle C" when you're at "home base", the "F" one octave above "middle C" when you're stressed, and the "D" one octave below "middle C" when you're "in love". On this overview page, you'll see when, if ever, your transmitting frequency matches your partner's receiving frequency, and vice versa. The graphic representations on this and each of the other pages in this section will assist you in better visualizing how these shifts in energy impact your relationship.

You and your partner at "home base": In addition to the graphic on this page, you'll see a side by side chart comparing your subset issues when you're both at "home base". You'll see what naturally comes up for each of you regarding your own physical and emotional survival; your interaction with groups, be they family, work related, civic, or social; and your one-to-one, intimate relationship.

You and your partner under stress: On the next few pages, you'll see side by side charts comparing 1) your primary responses to Essence-related stress as based on your basic Personality Resonance™, 2) your primary responses to Ego-related stress as based on your basic Personality Resonance™, and 3) the stress-related core beliefs and issues that come up for you based on your exact Personality Resonance™ subset. These core beliefs again fall into three broad categories: your own physical and emotional survival, your interaction with groups, and your one-to-one, intimate relationship.

You and your partner "in love": On the next two pages, you'll see side by side charts comparing 1) your initial responses to the euphoria of falling "in love" which are based on your basic Personality Resonance™, and 2) the subset issues that will come up for you as your transmitting frequencies shift. For some people, the shift to just being "in love" continues to bring out their best. For others, this shift can be difficult. You'll clearly see the core beliefs and issues of yoursubset that will come up for you in the areas of personal survival, group interaction, and intimate relationship.

Your cycle – "Same Ole, Same Ole": Get ready to see the cycles in your relationship come to life in a cartoon series! We may be from Minnesota, but our little characters are NOT "Ole and Lena". One of them is you, and the other is your partner. You'll see for yourself how the inherent cycles of misunderstanding and misperception in your relationship look as they innocently begin and then start to roll.

How to handle "stuff": Here lies the ultimate challenge and opportunity that comes with understanding Personality Resonance™. Nothing is ever about your partner – not the anger, not the hurt, not even the love. It's about your perception! And your perception is limited by your filters. Your "stuff", then, includes everything that's shaded by your filters, e.g., your interpretation of who you are, your perception of others, your compelling needs, your basic fears, your motivations and drives, etc. You own your "stuff". You can't give it away. And no one else can handle it for you. You have yours, and your partner has theirs. What you CAN do, however, is be aware of what's yours and what's theirs. Don't try to dump yours on them, and don't let theirs get all over you. The results will dramatically change your life!

How to handle your partner's "stuff": The key to handling "stuff" is a simple question. Ask yourself, "Is there any possible interpretation of what I'm experiencing other than the one I'm seeing through my own filters?" This concept of "stuff" is very serious. BUT, it's also part of the "joke" of relationship that's pretty funny, once you can step back and see the humor of it. We're here to help you lighten up a bit with a curtain call by your cartoon "players".You'll see your little cartoon "self" intuitively reacting to your partner's "stuff" and then interrupting him or herself and responding in a more effective manner. Don't worry. You'll "get" these cartoons!

Be aware of your "stuff": Hate to tell you, but you have "stuff", too! Once you know how it shows up in your life and relationship, you can interrupt it yourself. Not only can you be much more effective and empowering in your relationship, i.e., not step into one of those downward cycles, you'll be stepping closer and closer to understanding yourself and "getting in touch" with your true Essence. And, lest you think this is any less amusing because it's your "stuff", guess who's back to put it all in perspective!?!

. . . consider . . . If you were driving along an unfamiliar road and just a mile or so ahead, a bridge had washed out due to flooding, would you want to be forewarned...while you could still alter your course? If you came to a fork in the road and turning one way took you to your destination and turning the other way took you miles off course through tangled overgrowth, would you appreciate a direction sign at the fork? If you were sailing along in your brand new car with nary a care in the world, wouldn't you still be alert to the fuel level and be perfectly willing to take the time to stop for gas? And would you be willing to invest in routine oil changes rather than face the eventuality of total engine destruction?

Your intimate relationship has an enormous impact on the roads you choose through life and the mode in which you travel. Be aware! Learn to read your maps. Find out what your gauges mean. Pay close attention to recommended maintenance and care. And have a safe and exciting ride into the future with the Relationship of your Dreams!


In our Research into the Ancient Mysteries, Interpersonal Dynamics made a powerful discovery about the secrets of the energy that drives relationships. Now we share this dramatic information with you. Please use it wisely!
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