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You won't find a particular page or section in your Uniquely You materials that's titled "Clues and Tips". Rather, you'll find clues and tips throughout every page of every each Uniquely You Service report you order.

What's more, all those pages are individually prepared just for you, based on your Personality Resonance™ style. Plus, the information you'll find and insights you'll gain aren't about "eligible singles" in general. They're about the people who are Perfectly Compatible with you.

The following is a brief overview of the types of "Clues and Tips" you'll find throughout your Profile, your In Relationship guide, and most specifically, in your Who's "My Type"? guide.We've also included one person's experience using this information out in the world. As you'll see, it worked for her. It will work for you, too!

Personalized "Clues and Tips" to Assist in Your Search

· Key words: In your Who's "My Type"? guide, you'll really "get to know" the people who are Perfectly Compatible with you, right down to what makes them tick. In fact, you may well know more about them than they do! You'll have a clear mental image and "feel" for what these people are like. As a result, you'll have a new awareness for the key words that capture their essence. For instance, the next time you read the personal ads or hear someone talking about a new person at work, if those key words are there, they'll pop right out at you.

· Presence: You'll know how the people you're looking for tend to show up and sound. For example, you'll know if they'll be outgoing or more reserved; aggressive or inclined to be cautious; warm and huggable or distant and stand-offish; confident or doubtful; flamboyant and artsy, fashionable and stylish, or on the more practical and appropriate side of the spectrum; etc.

· Interests: You'll know what jobs, leisure interests, organizations, and social activities they tend to pursue, plus their usual roles in each.

· Friendly questions: You'll know what kinds of things to ask them about, both to help you be sure they're who you're looking for and to show your interest in them.

· Where to find them: You'll know the kinds of groups or events in which they'll tend to participate, the sorts of parties or social gatherings they'll enjoy, the kinds of people they're drawn to, and the places where they're likely to hang out. You'll also know what sorts of places, people, or situations they'll avoid if at all possible.

· How to attract them: You'll be aware of the "do's" and "don't's" that will allow Mother Nature to do her job. In other words, we'll point out some things you might naturally do that would be "no no's", and we'll mention some things you might normally not do that they'll notice and appreciate if you do do.

This could be you!*

Jan, a warm, friendly, outgoing woman, had been dating "really nice guys", but hadn't found that "someone special" of her dreams. Then she heard about Interpersonal Dynamics. She was a bit skeptical, but decided to order her Questionnaire and Profile to give us a try.

She was totally impressed, actually amazed, with her Profile. She wanted more and quickly ordered her In Relationship and Who's "My Type"? guides.

Soon Jan knew exactly what type of man she was looking for, plus she had all sorts of clues and tips on how and where to find him. With renewed self confidence and direction, she began to put what she'd learned to work.

First, she rewrote her personal ad. This time, she wrote it with no help from friends. By doing that, she let her natural style show through. She didn't try to be overly clever, just real! Her ad, though short, captured her true essence.

As she read through the personals and also the responses to her own ad, she knew at a glance who wasn't right for her, even if they did sound "really nice". She was even more selective on the phone. She knew what tones of voice and style she was looking for, plus she found she could learn volumes about people with just a couple of friendly questions. She didn't have to spend hours chatting, nor waste her time and money on lots of disappointing "first dates".

Jan felt awkward at bars and singles dances, but she'd been going anyway. She was excited to find that her truly compatible partner would probably never go to either of these places. She gladly scratched noisy bars and singles dances off her list!

She already had lots of friends, loved parties, and actively participated in several organizations. With clues in mind, she paid close attention to those she met. She knew her perfect partner would seem rather detached and ill at ease in groups, yet he'd exude expertise and likely be highly respected by his peers. He'd be a heady type, maybe an accountant or computer analyst. Jan remembered noticing the new treasurer of her civic club when he was introduced. She made a mental note to be sure she "ran into him" at the next meeting.

Jan also knew the man she sought would love learning. Her next trip to the bookstore was a new adventure. Sure enough, guess who she found – the new treasurer. She said "hi", asked about the book in his hand, and discovered quite a different person than she'd seen at the civic club.

* Jan has just one of 108 distinctly different Personality Resonance™ styles and was looking for the one style that's Perfectly Compatible with her. Find out about the one style that's Uniquely Yours and how you can find the Relationship of your Dreams.

. . . consider . . . The exciting thing about knowing exactly who you're looking for is that you also know who you're NOT looking for. Interestingly, the same "clues and tips" that help you find your Perfectly Compatible partner will also help you eliminate overload, narrow your focus, and be selective in your search for the Relationship of your Dreams.


In our Research into the Ancient Mysteries, Interpersonal Dynamics made a powerful discovery about the secrets of the energy that drives relationships. Now we share this dramatic information with you. Please use it wisely!

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